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Looking for Gold - A Year in Jungian Analysis

Looking for Gold - A Year in Jungian Analysis
Looking for Gold
- a year in Jungian analysis
(Daimon Verlag, 1997)
"Looking for Gold is a laboratory for artists, dreamers, and all who seek for ways to realize their true gold."
-- Robert Bosnak, author of The Little Course in Dreams
"Tiberghien is a writer … Looking for Gold tells a gripping tale that will inspire anyone who hears soul’s subtle invitation and sets out."
-- Kathleen Packard, Contemporary Contributions to Jungian Psychology
"Looking for Gold is a clear, important message for men and women of all ages and all cultures – look into and to thyself for a sense of wholeness."
-- Annette Lyons, Director, Counseling Center, American Cathedral, Paris
"In her insightful Looking for Gold, Tiberghien writes several books in one: an autobiography, an exploration of the writing process and an account of being a lay student of C.G. Jung’s work."
-- Elliott Bay Book Company, Seattle