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Susan Tiberghien is an American-born writer living in Geneva, Switzerland. She holds a BA in Literature and Philosophy (Phi Beta Kappa) and did graduate work at the Université de Grenoble and the CG Jung Institute of Zurich.

She has published four memoirs, "Looking for Gold, One Year in Jungian Analysis" (Daimon Verlag, 1997, "Circling to the Center, A Woman’s Encounter with Silent Prayer" (Paulist Press, 2001), "Side by Side, Writing Your Love Story" and "Footsteps, In Love with a Frenchman" (both Red Lotus Studio Press, 2015) and two writing books, "One Year to a Writing Life" (Da Capo Press, 2007) and most recently, Writing Toward Wholeness, Lessons Inspired by C.G. Jung", along with numerous narrative essays in journals and anthologies on both sides of the Atlantic.

Ms Tiberghien teaches and lectures at graduate programs, at C.G. Jung Centers, and at writers’ conferences both in the States and in Europe. She has taught at the International Women's Writing Guild Summer Conference at Skidmore since 1990 and does workshops for the IWWG annually, älso at the Hudson Valley Writers' Center, the Bethesda Writers' Center, Grub Street Boston and the Muse and the Marketplace.

She founded the Geneva Writers' Group in 1993 which she directed for 25 years and where she continues to give workshops. The GWG brings together 230 English language writers for workshops, readings, salons, and networking. She is the founding editor of their literary review, "Offshoots, Writing from Geneva". 

In Paris, she has taught at the Paris Writers Workshop, given workshops at Shakespeare and Company, Village Voice and the American Library. She has also given workshops in Brussels, Luxembourg, Basel, and Bern.

She is a founding member of the International Writers' Residence at the Château de Lavigny, where each summer thirty writers from around the world are welcomed for three week sessions. Please visit the site, www.chateaudelavigny.ch

She is married, with six grown children, fifteen wonderful grandchildren. Husband and children are also wonderful!

Presentations and Workshops:

I. Creative Writing: workshops, presentations, and readings:

1990-2012 Creative Writing Workshops: USA-Boston, Smith College, Hudson Valley Writers Center, NYC, Washington DC, Orlando, Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, San Antonio, Santa Fe, Denver; Europe-Geneva (monthly), Basel, Paris, Bern, Luxembourg.

1990-2012 Instructor at the International Women’s Writing Guild Summer Conference, Skidmore College, Brown University, Yale University (one week)
each summer

1995-2012 Presentations and Readings: USA-Boston, NY, Washington DC, Chicago, New Orleans, Santa Fe, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver; Europe-Geneva, Basel, Bern, Paris, Brussels, Luxembourg.

II. Jungian-oriented Writing Workshops and Lectures:

1996-2012: Lectures and Workshops, USA-C.G.Jung Institutes: NYC, Boston, Chicago; C.G.Jung Centers: San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans, Washington DC; Pacifica Graduate Institute; Europe-Institute of Psychoanalytical Studies, Stockholm, Sweden (launch of Swedish Edition, Looking for Gold), Jungian Conferences Einsiedeln