Writing Toward Wholeness

Dixie and Susan at IWWG

Pierre and Susan at 2,000 meters

GWG September Workshop

Birds on the balcony, Montreux


I am replacing the personal essays that were appearing here as blogs with my Newsletters from Geneva. Here is the current Newsletter #6
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Newsletter #6 from Geneva Bellevue, October 15, 2017

Six months since my last newsletter! Hands have been happily full. My new book Writing Toward Wholeness, will be published by Chiron Publications March 1. It has been an incredible joy to work with them. The book grew out of the workshops that I’ve been teaching at different Jungian Centers for the last twenty years, bringing together psychology, spirituality and the arts as a way toward wholeness.
[photo of book cover]

Summer brought me to the States for the International Women’s Writing Guild Conference at Muhlenberg College. It was the 27th summer conference which I have attended! This shows how important the Guild has been: bridging the ocean, deepening my writing, and giving me so many wonderful friends. This summer they surprised me when our Executive Director, Dixie King, came to lead me to the podium. The week ended with a rainbow, promising more summers and more women writers taking their voices into the world.
[photo of Dixie and myself]

Back in Geneva, there was family waiting. Happy days with our six children and grandkids, three visiting from Brooklyn and Paris, and three living closeby. Pierre-Yves and I enjoyed a ‘holiday’ in the family chalet at Samoëns in the French Alps. We took a climb up to 2,000 meters. Most of it by chairlift! A photo to witness at the top.
[photo of Pierre and me at 2,000 meters]

In September I gave my monthly workshop for the Geneva Writers’ Group, Finding Your Gold. I went back to Etty Hillesum who wrote in her journal a year before her death at Auschwitz, “Ultimately we have just one moral duty: to reclaim large areas of peace in ourselves and to reflect it toward others. The more peace there is in us, the more peace there will also be in our troubled world.” Through journaling she found this inner peace, this ‘gold’.
[photo of my teaching in September 2017

The last photo is from a weekend in Montreux on the beautiful lac leman, the lake of Geneva. The sparrows caught on the balcony of our hotel room are teaching us the art of love!

I hope to see many of you in the months ahead. In the meantime I wish you good writing and yes, peace, Susan

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