Promise of new life

Magnolia opening its blossoms

Lilac spilling into our small yard

Together at the Jan Michalski Foundation


I am replacing the personal essays that were appearing here as blogs with my Newsletters from Geneva. Here is the current Newsletter #5
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Newsletter #5 from Geneva Bellevue, April 15, 2017

Easter weekend, beautiful warm weather, the promise of new life. So may it be as we confront the war mongering in our turbulent world and the tragedy of so many violent deaths. A friend, Jo Ledakis, sent this photo this morning.

[photo, The promise of new life]

We have had an early spring in Switzerland. The magnolia is opening its blossoms and the lilac is spilling into our small back yard. Two weeks ago we went to the opening of the writersf residence at the Jan Michalski Foundation in the foothills of the Jura Mountains,

[three photos: magnolia, lilac, and together]

Our children and grandchildren challenge us to keep up with them, and we follow, Pierre-Yves giving his time at a foundation in Geneva, and I continue to share my love of writing at workshops. Here is my agenda for my spring tour in the States. It would be a treat to see some of you!

April 28, Paths to Wellbeing, Jung Society of Washington DC, 1:00-4:00,
April 29, Writing Effective Memoir, Bethesda Writers Center, 10:00-12:30,
May 2, Lecture, Paths to Wellbeing, C.G.Jung Foundation NYC, 12:30-1:00,
May 4, Paths to Wellbeing, C.G.Jung Institute Boston, MA, 1:00-4:30,
May 6, International Womenfs Writing Guild (IWWG) Retreat, Medfield, MA 9:00-5:30,
May 7, Writing Memoir, R.J.Juliafs Bookstore, Madison, CT, 4:00-6:00,
May 11, Writing Effective Memoir, Hudson Valley Writersf Center, NY 12:30-4:30,

Not to forget next Saturdayfs, April 22, here in Geneva, Words Matter, Writing from Your Truth. I will also be teaching this workshop, Words Matter, at the IWWG Summer Conference, July 7-14, at Muhlenberg College, in Allentown, PA. This is truly an extraordinary week of instruction, inspiration, and friendship.

I have just signed a second contract for the Chinese edition of One Year to a Writing Life. The Korean edition is also doing well. And my new book, Writing toward Wholeness, Lessons Inspired by C.G Jung will hopefully soon find a home.

Michiko Kakutani wrote an excellent piece, How books nourished Obama in office, in The NY Times, Jan. 19. She quotes Obama, gAt a time, when so much of our politics is trying to manage this clash of cultures brought about by globalization and technology and migration, the role of stories to unify„Ÿas opposed to divide, to engage rather than to marginalize„Ÿis more important than ever.h
With best wishes to all of you,

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