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Newsletter 9 from Geneva     Bellevue, December 12, 2018


Holiday time! We'll need to look still harder this year to find ways to restore justice and peace in the New Year. In this terrible time of fake news and hostility, we return to Nineteen Eighty Four and Orwell.  "Words such as honour, justice, morality, internationalism, democracy, science and religion had simply ceased to exist." (349)


Salmon Rushdie replies, "It is for us—writers, thinkers, journalists, philosophers—to undertake the task of rebuilding our readers' belief in reality, their faith in the truth. And to do it with new language, from the ground up." (New Yorker, May 31, 2018)


This lets me give a reminder about my new book, Writing Toward Wholeness, Lessons Inspired by C.G. Jung, about finding ways toward the oneness that unites us:  journaling, active imagination, dreamwork, seeing beauty, alchemy, practicing zen. It's available at Chiron Publications, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.  

Here is the cover with a mandala from the ceiling in a chapel in Geneva. Next to it is a mandala C.G. Jung drew of a magnolia blossom, titled, Window to Eternity, included in The Red Book. I add two more mandalas from my journal, one of a single leaf that I saw suspended on a bare branch this autumn, another of our first great grandchild, Holly, born September 5, who came into my imagination as an angel.


Since my last newsletter, there was the annual International Women's Writing Guild Summer Conference in July, in Allentown PA, A great week! Join us July 13-20, 2019. Then in September I gave a  workshop "Words Matter", for the Geneva Writers' Group, Again all are welcome! And in November a seminar, "Wholeness, An Invitation", to a group of writers and Jungians.

Below are photos of the IWWG Conference and the GWG workshop. I could not resist two very recent photos of Holly, now three months old, with his great grandparents.  


And something new, the Jung Society of Washington DC launched my online course, "Journaling to the Soul, Keeping Your Own Red Books"—an hour and a half class.  

To close this newsletter I think back to Clarissa Pinkola Estes' Letter to a Young Activist after 9/11, "One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul. Soul on deck shines like gold in dark times."


With warm greetings for the holidays, Susan

(Please don't hesitate to let me know if you wish to be removed from this list, thanks.)