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Newsletter 8 from Geneva Bellevue, June 6, 2018

June, summer, and almost five months since my last newsletter. As these newsletters are to be writing news, I start with the publication of Writing Toward Wholeness, Lessons Inspired by C.G. Jung, March 1. I am grateful to Chiron Publication for bringing this book to fruition. And grateful to have brought together in one book so much of what I most want to share.

Here is the cover (the mandala is from the vaulted ceiling of a chapel in Geneva), the back of a business card, and a copy of one of Jung’s stunning paintings in The Red Book, which I describe in Writing Toward Wholeness. Jung titles it, “Night sinks blue and deep from above, earth rises black from below.” (p.309)

I gave my first reading in downtown Geneva in April (pictured below). And soon afterwards I left for my annual spring tour of workshops in Boston (a highlight was the IWWG Boston Retreat, another photo below), New York City (once again happy to return to my roots at the Hudson Valley Writers’ Center) and Washington DC, with lots of good moments with family and friends.

Back home with time for rest and walks and profusions of poppies. Ahead are workshops in Paris, June 27 at Shakespeare and Company and June 30 at the American Library. Then the International Women’s Writing Guild Summer Conference, July 6-13, at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. I first went to this conference in 1990 and have not missed once since. This shows how important they have been for me, and how amazing they are for all who are fortunate to attend. Still time to come join us! (www.iwwg.org)

Other news is I stepped down from leading the Geneva Writers’ Group on June 9, when we celebrated our 25th Anniversary. It’s been a long, creative journey, from a small group of friends to a large international association—still of friends—made possible by so many wonderful writers over the years.

And I continue to journal. It’s there where I link the visible and the invisible together. I recently read an interview of Einstein in the Saturday Evening Post, October 26, 1929, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Let’s encircle our world!

Hoping to see some of you at the IWWG Summer Conference, with warm greetings from Geneva, Susan (Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you wish to be removed from this list, thanks.)

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