Footsteps, In Love with a Frenchman

Footsteps is a collection of witty, heartfelt stories about the journey of one writer through many kinds of love, a marriage to a Frenchman, raising six children in five different countries, becoming a writer and still staying in love with Pierre.
"A charming, heartfelt journey into European culture and cuisine, the beauty and loneliness of unfamiliar places, and the exquisite good fortune of finding a lifelong companion. Tiberghien's essays are a rich bouillabaisse of scenic detail and delicious memories. Just a lovely book." Dinty W. Moore

Selected Works

Memoirs and Reference Titles
Tiberghien weaves together essays, poems, photographs and family recipes to write a love story that bridges the ocean. "A poetic memoir evoking a life fully lived and closely observed" Peter Meinke
A memoir of a 60 year love affair and almost that many years marriage, where the author relates and relives especially the good moments, encouraging the reader to do the same.
An innovative portable workshop to give readers a solid foundation for their writing careers and to lead them to a writing life.
Relates an experience that belongs to everyone – of tapping the depths of the unconscious.
A spiritual memoir and an introduction to the way of silent prayer.
Personal Essays