Writing Toward Wholeness, Susan M. Tiberghien

Susan Tiberghien Nonfiction Prize, IWWG

Signing at Shakespeare and Company

Coming events:

Sept. 1, Interview, Jungian Psychology and Writing, as in "Writing Toward Wholeness", at Livre sur les Quais, Morges

Sept. 2, Workshop, The Narrative Arc in Memoir (fiction too!), at Livre sur les Quais, Morges

Sept. 21, Morning Workshop, Words Matter (nonfiction), Geneva Writers' Group, at the Geneva Press Club

Sept. 22, Afternoon Critiquing Session, Geneva Writers' Group, at the Geneva Press Club



Already summer! First, please check out my new book "Writing Toward Wholeness, Lessons Inspired by C.G. Jung", published by Chiron Publications in Asheville, NC, March 1. It is the fruit of 20 years of teaching, and brings together psychology, spirituality and the arts. Available at Amazon (reviews welcome!), Chiron Publications and Barnes and Noble.

June 9 we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Geneva Writers' Group. From 17 writers to over 250 members, the GWG continues to flourish. At the same time, I passed on the leadership to the Steering Committee who staged an amazing afternoon of appreciation, with a wave of love which carries me forward.

At the end of the month I returned to give a few workshops in Paris, first at Shakespeare and Company, with a book signing (photo to the left!), then at the American Library (another photo)...both wonderful venues.

In early July I attended and taught at the International Women's Writing Guild Summer Conference at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA -- an extraordinary week of workshops, inspiration, creativity and friendship. The Guild honored my longstanding participation in creating the Susan Tiberghien Nonfiction Prize, submissions are open this summer.

The rest of the summer will be quieter!? Lots of family, a short vacation in Sweden to visit with dear friends, another week at our chalet in the French Alps, and then the book festival, Livre sur les Quais, at Morges, September 1-2, with an interview about how Jungian thinking contributes to my writing, a workshop, and a book signing.

I have attached Newsletter #7 (as a blog). I try to send them two to three times a year.

To close this homepage, here are two short excerpts from Writing Toward Wholeness.

"Jung advised Christiana Morgan in 1926 with these words: 'I should advise you to put it all down as beautifully as you can, in some beautifully bound book.... Then you can go to the book & turn over the pages & fro you it will be your church--your cathedral--the silent places of your spirit where you will find renewal...for in that book is your soul.'
These powerful words are Jung's words to us today. He urges us to direct our attention inward and to describe what we discover deep within ourselves. To put in writing the images that come to us, images from our memories, dreams, reflections.
Jung is advising us to keep a journal and to turn to it for solace and inspiration, for on its pages we will find traces of our soul. To address ourselves to the imaginative possibilities of our being and write it all down in our own red books. This is the first step in the journey to wholeness." p. 15

"Jung's journey was metaphorical.... As he wrote down his visions and copied them into the large Red Book, the book became his cathedral, the silent place of his spirit. This is what we wish to do with our own journal entries, to create our own cathedrals.
In so doing, we can imagine ourselves creating one vast cathedral for humanity. Millions of workers, millions of makers, building one universal cathedral. Whatever we uncover in our own forays into the unconscious, whatever images we bring alive, whatever metaphors we create, all of this contributes to humanity's journey to wholeness." p. 107

Selected Works

Memoirs and Reference Titles
Tiberghien weaves together essays, poems, photographs and family recipes to write a love story that bridges the ocean. "A poetic memoir evoking a life fully lived and closely observed" Peter Meinke
A memoir of a 60 year love affair and almost that many years marriage, where the author relates and relives especially the good moments, encouraging the reader to do the same.
An innovative portable workshop to give readers a solid foundation for their writing careers and to lead them to a writing life.
Relates an experience that belongs to everyone Ė of tapping the depths of the unconscious.
A spiritual memoir and an introduction to the way of silent prayer.
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