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The pandemic is taking its toll of thousands including all our first responders. Coupled with the collapse of local ang global economies, the growing racial unrest (Black Lives do Matter) and the continuing climate change, our world has been turned inside out. We look for ways to find our way through this darkness to the light of a new tomorrow. 


The workshops and lectures I was going to give in person in Washington, New York, and Boston were transformed onto the Zoom platform. The topics spoke to the challenge we face today: Writing through Darkness to Light, Rekindling the Soul, Imagining a New Tomorrow. I am grateful to the Jung Societies, the International Women's Writing Guild, and Hudson Valley Writers Center for setting these in place. And grateful for the possibility to come together on the Zoom screen.



I now have recorded three courses at the Jung Society of Washington, Journaling to the Soul, Seeing Beauty with Words, and Through Darkness to Light. The courses are each an hour and half long. You may follow them as you wish, with written transcripts and a bulletin board for questions.


I am grateful to the vast Jungian family for their support and friendship. This brings me to my two most recent books, Writing Toward Wholeness, Lessons Inspired by C.G. Jung, and Circling to the Center, An Invitation to Silent Prayer, both published by Chiron Publications in Ashville, North Carolina. The latter book is a 20th Anniversary Edition, with an Afterward which updates my spiritual journey, opening the confines of my own darkness and finding atonement in the "hidden wholeness"of creation.


The ground of this Jungian work is my writing. Both paths started in my fifties, after raising six children. My writing career--the seven books I have published--has been nourished by my years of sharing and teaching in both the International Women's Writing Guild and in the Geneva Writers Group. I will be giving a new series of webinars for the IWWG in September (dates posted to the left.)


And here in Geneva, I continue to participate and teach at the Geneva Writrrs Group, the international Association of English language writers that I founded and directed for twenty-five years.  I will teach for them at the Geneva Writers Conference has been postponed from May to early fall. 


I close with a passage -- the last paragraph -- from the Afterword of Circling to the Center, Invitation to Silent Prayer.

"Nourished by my prayer, by my reading and writing, and by the steadfast love of the dear man I married over sixty years ago and the family we created, I approach a growing wholeness. Each morning, I ask to close the door of my small study. The space becomes a mandala. I sit in silent prayer. Sometimes I look out at the trees, the lake. Sometimes there is the unresolved. Sometimes the spark flares. Each afternoon I open the door to the multi-layered world around me The circles multiply, the mandala expands. Sometimes I am lantern."