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Greetings, thank you for visiting.

Summertime!  I've been thinking alot about alchemy these last months, looking for ways to shine some light into our troubled world. How to write through darkness to light.  How to go into the unconscious, into the alchemical furnace, burn away the rubbish, hold on to the essential, turn it into story, into bits of gold.


In the spring I gave workshops about alchemy here in Geneva, in Paris, and in the States. And I balanced this with workshops about Seeing Beauty, It was part of how to hold on, how to move forward. By looking at the sunset, at the hortensias in full blossom, and most often at the oak tree near our front door. I did a second online workshop, "Seeing Beauty with Words, Awakening the Soul" for the Jung Society of Washington, www.jungmasterclass/p/seeing beauty.


And in the summer I went back to the States to again work with alchemy for a week at the International Women's Writing Guild Summer Conference. I first went to the Guild's summer conference in 1989 and I have not missed once since. This amazing group of women writers has offered me support, friendship, and inspiration for thirty years, bridging the ocean between Switzerland and the U.S.


In October I will be giving four webinars for the Guild, titled Narratives of the Unconscious,  Our stories are in the dark. How do we access them?  Journaling, following our images, listening to our dreams. And when we find them, when we craft them, how do we share them?  We read them to one another, to our partners, children, and friends, we publish them in blogs, in Letters to the Editor, in op-eds, perhaps in books. This is the light we want to shine into our troubled world.  


This brings me to my new book, the 20th Anniversary Edition of Circling to the Center, Invitation to Silent Prayer, that will be published by Chiron Publications October 1, with an Afterword, updating my spiritual journey to today. I open the confines of my own darkness, finding atonement in the natural world, in silent prayer, and in the presence of Sophia, the "hidden wholenss"of creation. 


I close with a passage from this Afterword.


During these last years my reading of different spiritual mentors, especially Thomas Merton and C.G. Jung, challenges me to enter more deeply into the dark, the unknown,  Each coniunctio--each coming toether--of the visible and the invisible, of consciousness and the unconscious, pushes me forward toward an essential wholeness....


Jung wrote in Memories, Dreams, Reflections, that the work of individuation, the becomintg whole, not only enlarges our consciousness, but may also affect the unconsicous. "It may even be assumed thast just as the unconscious affects us, so the increase in our consciousness affects the unconscious." (p.358).  As one evolves, so does the other. There is a coming together. A wholeness. 


In silent prayer, I circle to the center and then outward to all that is around me, plants, tres, animals, humanbeings. Outside the window of my small study, I watch the seasons revolve as they renew the back yard and beyond, I watch the trees blossom in spring, thrive in summer, turn golden in autumn....  I know that winter is on its way.