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Book Fair, Morges, September

Sculpture by Robert Indiana at Martigny, September 2015

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February 20 Writing Dialogue, Geneva Press Club

March 18-20 Witnessing with Words, 10th Geneva Writers Conference

April 22 Pursuing Your Images, Jung Society, Washington DC

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May 2 Witnessing with Words, Hudson Valley Writers Center, NY

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Greetings and welcome!

And best wishes for this New Year. May we find the way to a more peaceful world. Now in my eighth decade I am more than ever aware that every small act of kindness radiates around us, so let's fill each day with them.

My two new books, "Side by Side, Writing Your Love Story" and "Footsteps, In Love with a Frenchman", both celebrate my lasting love affair with Pierre. Very wonderful at our age to still be in love. All the children and grandchildren joined us in the family chalet for Christmas, beautiful days, beautiful memories.

"Side by Side" is a memoir of our marriage, remembering especially the happy moments-and encouraging the reader to do the same. I write about seven overlapping steps to lasting love, from courtship and commitment to celebration, in each chapter I include journal practices for the reader, to write the way to lasting love.

"Footsteps, In Love with a Frenchman" is an expanded version of an earlier book, now newly edited with additional stories, recipes, and photos. The collection relates the first thirty years of our marriage, as I followed my husband around Europe while raising six children, and found my way to becoming a writer, and staying in love!

My fourth book, "One Year to a Writing Life", is coming out this year in Korean. It was published two years ago in Chinese. And my passion for writing, for all that it uncovers, has not wavered. I am starting on another book "Writing Toward Wholeness, Seven Workshops Inspired by C.G. Jung.

At the same time I continue to love teaching creative writing. The Geneva Writers Group,, now brings together 250 English language writers here in Geneva, with workshops, readings, literary prizes. Our 13th collection, Offshoots, Writing from Geneva and Beyond was published in September. And this March, we will hold our 10th International Geneva Writers' Conference at Webster University in Bellevue, Switzerland. Come join us (info at our website)!

I will be back in the States for my annual spring tour of workshops, dates and places are noted to the left, and hopefully once again in July for the Summer Conference of the International Women's Writing Guild,, that will be held in Muhlenberg, PA. And again, an invitation to join us!

Another personal essay, Echoes of Childhood Found in a Train Whistle, published in the Christian Science Monitor, is posted in my blog. That echoing train Amtrak train whistle always brings back happy memories. I will continue to post these 'new' (already published but new on my website) essays every three or four months.

To close this homepage, I return to my most recent book, Side by Side, Writing Your Love Story, from the Introduction.

Pierre and I have been married for close to sixty and we are still very much in love. What went right? To answer this question, I thought back to the good moments of our relationship and began to write. With each memory, I relived the experience--the strong attraction that has kept us together for so long. When I shared the memories with Pierre, we felt the attraction together.

This is the premise of Side by Side: that we can think back to some of the good moments of our relationships, write about them, living them anew, share the memories with our partner, awakening the mutual desire to create new good moments. I suggest that we write our way to lasting love. And we can do so side by side with our spouse or partner, while respecting the space between us--filling each other's cup, as Kahlil Gibran writes in The Prophet, but drinking not from the same cup.

Thank you for your visit.

Selected Works

Memoirs and Reference Titles
Tiberghien weaves together essays, poems, photographs and family recipes to write a love story that bridges the ocean. "A poetic memoir evoking a life fully lived and closely observed" Peter Meinke
A memoir of a 60 year love affair and almost that many years marriage, where the author relates and relives especially the good moments, encouraging the reader to do the same.
An innovative portable workshop to give readers a solid foundation for their writing careers and to lead them to a writing life.
Relates an experience that belongs to everyone – of tapping the depths of the unconscious.
A spiritual memoir and an introduction to the way of silent prayer.
Personal Essays